Award Winning Documentary Viewing “At Your Cervix “

At Your Cervix is the first documentary to expose the little-known practice of the non-consensual
use of patients as practice dummies by the American medical education system. In an era when
conversations about both consent and reproductive justice are paramount, it shines a light on the use of anesthetized or unconscious patients by medical students to practice pelvic examinations without the knowledge or consent of those patients.

The film goes inside medical schools and hospitals, following students as they try to reconcile their personal ethics with the abusive learning methods they encounter, allowing the audience to hear the stories of students and practitioners who, in order to learn, conducted non-consensual pelvic examinations on unconscious patients. It
traces this abusive practice back to the genesis of modern gynecology and the modern American
healthcare system – both of which were built on a foundation of racism, misogyny, and violence.
The film also introduces the audience to patients who have been victims of this practice – having
entrusted their well-being to physicians who swore an oath to do no harm. They awoke after surgery or sedatives to find they had been assaulted by the people and the system that was supposed to take care of them.

Finally, the film introduces the audience to an alternative – the Gynecological Teaching Associate (GTA). An ethical and effective way of teaching that has existed for over 40 years, At Your Cervix, shines a hopeful light on GTAs as the best way forward, empowering medical students to become holistic, compassionate, skilled physicians by making the “patients” themselves the teachers.

On March 26, 6:00-7:00 pm CST, join CLAWW as we host an online panel discussion with “At Your Cervix” producers: Renee Bergman and Stephanie Dawson. And panelists: Dr. Kimberly Harper, Author of The Ethos of Black Motherhood, and WI State Senator Lena Taylor. Watch the movie online (for a $10 fee) between March 19-30th.

The virtual screening can be accessed for $10 per person through the CLAWW-specific link: If you are having a watch party, please purchase the number of tickets for the number of people watching the film, as all ticket purchases are vital to CLAWW.

From left to right: Senator Taylor, Stephanie Dawson, Dr. Kimberly Harper, Renee Bergman,

Interviews with students, patients, doctors, midwives, politicians, and advocates provide compelling and often deeply emotional testimony on why nonconsensual and unethical pelvic exams on patients under anesthesia must end. At Your Cervix goes inside OB/GYN medical education programs and looks at how their racist and sexist legacy of exploitation has created a culture of non-consent in gynecology. The film offers an empowering solution that will revolutionize how pelvic exams are taught and performed in schools and clinics across the country.

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What can you do to get involved?

· Watch the At Your Cervix movie trailer.

· Attend the March 26th panel discussion 6:00-7:00 pm CST

· Support Wisconsin Bill 128, which requires informed consent.

· As able, donate to At Your Cervix as they release the film to audiences around the country through their   Legislation Campaign.

· Sign up to receive updates about the topic and the film.

· For questions, ideas, enthusiasm, and support, email [email protected]

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