Save the Date: CLAWW Panel Discussion on the Documentary Film At Your Cervix

On March 26, please join CLAWW as we host an online panel discussion with some of the filmmakers and other professionals.  Stay tuned for more information on how to watch the movie online (for a $10 fee) between March 19-27th.

Meet some of the filmmakers!

Director/producer/co-writer A’magine, left, with editor/cinematographer
/co-producer/co-writer Renee Bergan, on-site during the filming.
Stephanie Dawson (co-producer/production manager)

At Your Cervix follows sexuality educator, activist, and filmmaker A’magine on her journey to expose the unethical and often traumatic ways medical and nursing students are taught to perform pelvic exams by “practicing” on anesthetized patients without their consent.

Interviews with students, patients, doctors, midwives, politicians, and advocates provide compelling and often deeply emotional testimony as to why nonconsensual and unethical pelvic exams on patients under anesthesia must end. At Your Cervix goes inside OB/GYN medical education programs and looks at how their racial and sexist legacy of exploitation has created a culture of non-consent in gynecology. The film offers an empowering solution that will revolutionize how pelvic exams are taught and performed in schools and clinics across the country.


What can you do to get involved?

  • Watch the At Your Cervix movie trailer.
  • Attend the March 26th panel discussion.
  • Support Wisconsin Bill 128, which requires informed consent.
  • As able, donate to At Your Cervix as they release the film to audiences around the country through their Legislation Campaign.
  • Sign up to receive updates about the topic and the film.
  • For questions, ideas, enthusiasm, and support, email [email protected]





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