Health & Wellness

We offer a range of products to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what products are right for you and tell you more about each product. Get in touch below.


X2O is an exclusive and unique nature-made mineral complex delivered in an easy-to-use sachet. It is found only one place on the earth, from a pristine ocean source near the Okinawan Islands. With countless testimonies from around the world, people are sharing transformations in their personal health that they directly attribute to X2O.



FocusUP is setting the new standard for energy products. It is uniquely formulated with internationally-researched energetic nutrients and botanical ingredients that are designed to improve focus, memory, mood, concentration and mental performance. Available in both capsules and a great tasting drink.



KardiaXyme is a unique blend of hand-selected varieties of algae and an exclusive source of marine minerals. Harvested and combined as a superior, one-of-a-kind algae supplement, this proven formula contains potent and highly bioactive polyphenols that optimize cellular, cardiovascular and metabolic health to support lifelong physical and mental wellness.


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