We are a healing circle supporting Black women who have experienced trauma; looking forward to a peaceful world by helping women join hands to help heal our community.

“Sisters Talk”

“I really enjoyed ‘Sister talk’ it was motivating, eye-opening, and a safe space to express my innermost fears.”  L Bennett


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Saturday, January 9th 12:00-1:30 on Zoom

Topic: “The Greatness You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You”

Speaker: Frances Pitt, MSW, CH

The Greatness You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You is designed to bring an awareness of the value of your tools, such as your thoughts, words, actions, reactions, feelings, and the role they play in manifesting your dreams and goals.

We begin the new year 2021 to realize that the goals we are seeking are also seeking to be expressed in our lives. There is a Spiritual Saying, “Everything Already Is.” Our job is to step into the energy of accomplishment and success, believe it, and feel that the time is now for our dreams to manifest. “If you believe it, You can achieve it!”


5 Tips to Your Success in 2021:

  • How to Use Your Creative Powers
  • Choosing a specific mindset
  • Expanding your vision of what’s possible
  • New conversations with new possibilities
  • The Treasure House within

Speaker Bio Frances Pitt, MSW, CH

Frances Pitt is an International Professional Speaker, Trainer. Certified Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist.  She has presented her seminars and workshops nationally and internationally. In June and November of 2019, she spoke in London, England, at the Annual Public Speakers Association and the Women’s Economic Forum. Thousands of women from forty-seven countries were represented.

She is the founder and CEO of Frances Pitt Speaks, LLC, which enlarges visions and changes mindsets about what is possible for their lives and businesses to grow to the next level. Frances also is the former CEO of Frances Pitt & Associates Inc, and the Universal Counseling Clinic Inc.

She loves working with entrepreneurs, women organizations, and groups seeking Spiritual Awareness and success.

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2020 Election: Know Your Voting Rights

There is much confusion about when, where, and how to vote. We want everyone to have the correct information and resources you need. Three panelists will lead a discussion of important issues and information that we need to know. Each panelist will give a 20-minute presentation. A question & answer session will follow. You will have an opportunity to post questions in the chatbox.

Moderator: Keith Parris, WNOV 860 am “The Voice”

Guest panelists: Anita Johnson (Souls to the Polls); Jason Fields (state Representative); Paul Blackman (NAACP).

Register on Eventbrite: Town Hall Meeting 2020 Elections:Know Your Voting Rights Rights

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